Saturday, September 8, 2012

$50 Giveaway to Mikarose!

Status: Closed

Everything I own from Mikarose is a closet-favorite.  A while back they had this promotional booth at Costco and I totally stocked up!  I'm a sucker for cozy dresses, so I had to get these ones:

And, my most cozy skirt, ever...soooo easy to dress up or down.

There are sooooo many things I would still love to have from their shop.  Luckily, they just sent me this one...which I'm saving until after I have the baby.  Dang-it.  Only, um...5 more months.  It's pleated chiffon...nice.  It's so pretty in person!

The other items on my wish list...

Anyway, you get the point...they have cute stuff.  All modest, all great prices.  Let's get this giveaway started...

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Good luck!